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Fujisan Visual Identity


Visual identity design for the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Mt. Fuji, in Japan.

The Challenge


This is a visual identity design for the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Mt. Fuji, in Japan. The whole project contains: a visual identity for Mt. Fuji; stationery kit; advertisements and posters to promote the Mt. Fuji exhibition organized by the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; and an information sheet containing maps and an introduction to the site. And a physical site sign for the tourists at Fuji Mountain.

The Logo


Fujisan Logo was inspired by the imagery of sun, mountain, and the waves. 


I hand-wrote the font in order to imitate the waves. I made the circular background to imitate the sun, and it is easy to be engraved on the seal.

The Posters for Exhibition in MFA

A series of posters were designed for MFA, Boston. They have also been designed in the magazine size for New Yorker as a pre-advertisement for the exhibition. 


Site sign for the tourists


The physical site sign was inspired by the Japenese ancient print painting. The site sign will be placed near the lakes around Mt. Fuji with intro & info. This design can let visitors feel back to the lives of ancient fishermen, and evoke their reverence for Mt. Fuji.


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