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Celebrating the Lunar New Year

What I learned during my work with UBER is how to create branding

that celebrates culture and diversity.

The Challenge


As a regional lead designer with UBER in Changsha China, I created the visual identity for our 2016 Lunar New Year. I encountered a challenge: how could we maintain and develop the distinctive global brand features of UBER within the local environment, and can we balance local and global branding color palettes through different campaign themes.


Chinese New Year​,​ or Lunar New Year​,​ is a huge celebration in many parts of the world.


Icons developed specifically

for Lunar New Year help to celebrate the special occasion.

Custom Patterns

Custom patterns are designed under the Uber global guideline.

Color Weight

Thickness of bands indicates relative prominence.

The Digital Branding


The following project I designed is a mobile-based brand promotion for the Lunar New Year. Handing out hóngbāo (red envelopes) is an important way of wishing people good luck in Chinese culture. We used this idea to distribute coupons by spreading hóngbāo on our app platform and encouraged users to use and share coupons in a festive atmosphere. 

The Lunar New Year Swags


Then, we developed a collection of appealing swag featuring these illustrations to enhance the Lunar New Year experience for existing and future UBER customers.

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