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I am Muling.


A multi-disciplinary designer fueled by empathy and curiosity.

I worked at the intersection of UX design, visual design, data visualization, and architecture design for companies such as UBER, Philips, and AECOM. 

What made me and shaped my design:


X, Y, Z

Once upon a time when I was an architect, I learned to:

Stay human-centered, design with empathy.

Site research and user research before design.

Keep an engineer’s mind --- which means I am quite comfortable

communicating with engineers!



When I was a designer for Uber, I mastered the art of:

Celebrating culture and diversity.

Cherishing dynamic feedbacks.

Delighting the user!



When I was a designer for data visualization/UX projects, I began to see:  

The logic and systems behind every interface.

How to make the invisible visible.

The sweat and effort that goes into an effortless interface.

That every pixel matters!


Keep curious, and maybe explore the 4-dimensional world  🙋🏻

Love all human beings, and use design’s influence to do good things  🌎

© 2018 designed by Muling Jiang with love and sushi
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